About Us

Truva Cafe and grill offers flavours from Anatolia, where cooking has matured into a traditional art form, and hospitality is of the most importance. The diverse menu reflects the richness of a culture which traces its roots to the Mediterranean Delights. Drawing upon ancient styles for inspiration, and preparing every dish to the highest modern standards, Truva chefs offer the best of past and present. We invite you to Truva to taste the regional flavours.

Döner kebap(GYRO)  is filets of meat stacked on a vertical spit and roasted at a vertical grill.

Döner means “turning:” the vertical spit is rotated, or turned, in front of the heat source (charcoal, gas or electric). When the meat directly opposite the heat source is properly roasted, the spit is rotated so that the cooked meat may be sliced off with a huge knife, and an uncooked portion of meat exposed to the fire.

Homemade Bread is baked fresh early morning for breakfast, lunch and late afternoon for dinner, and varies from the common sourdough loaf through whole-wheat loaves to rounds of leavened pide (flat bread) to flaps of paper-thin lavas (lah-VAHSH), unleavened village bread baked on a griddle).

Turkish Tea is the national stimulant, even at breakfast, and famous turkish coffee only a distant second.

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